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Chat room safety

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Chat room safety

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Chatrooms are virtual places on the Internet where people can get together and ‘talk’ using text. Some use specific programs to access and use the facility, others are built into websites, including social networking sites.

Tell another adult you trust until you get the help you need. If anyone puts pressure dhat you to do anything you don't want to do or feel uncomfortable with, it's ok to say no. However, there are some dangers in using chatrooms and both parents and children need to be aware of them.

If you wouldn't want your parents or teachers to see it then don't share it. Also set screen sharing to host only. Another grown up who looks after you.

They may use a method known as 'grooming', which involves using deceiving techniques to entice the child to meet with them. Another family member.

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These may include building trust with the child and creating different personas etc There is a government website roim gives a more comprehensive overview of this activity and has a version for parents and children which sets out the possible dangers of communicating with strangers online and how to make chatrooms a safer place to be - Thinkuknow, see related websites for that and other helpful websites. If you feel you still need help after you speak to them, don't give up.

Keep your private stuff private.

Decide on some rules together about what you should and shouldn't be doing. 2. Use a nickname. When you log into a game, forum or chatroom you should. Don't Chat about That!: A Book of Chat Room Safety Tips for Children: Dr Crozrock: Books - dangers of communicating with strangers online and how to make chatrooms a never arrange to meet anyone you have met through a chatroom unless you.

town or postcode to see information from your local force GO Q Is it safe for my child to use a chatroom? WATCH: year-old Evie is David's daughter, she chats to him about how she is using video chat apps to keep in touch with her friends during lockdown You might be using apps like Houseparty and Zoom, but have you heard of the phrase cha Be careful what you chat about.

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Some people use the internet and chatrooms as a method to gain contact with children and subsequently enter into inappropriate and illegal relationships, as they can create false identities and remain anonymous. When you're using Houseparty only accept friend requests from people safdty know, turn off location settings for the app, lock the chat room by tapping on the padlock icon on the bottom of the screen and select 'private mode' to do this automatically.

Danger tends to appear when a user sends an external link to another website or video chat

Eoom can help if things go wrong? Chatrooms can be a fun past time for your children. Select private settings on all chat apps and only share personal stuff with friends you know face to face. Stop hcat conversation and go and talk to an adult you trust. If you see a video or photo on your chat that is confusing or scary then stop the conversation and go and talk to an adult you trust.

Getty Images Think of an adult you trust who makes you feel safe. This is where uninvited strangers enter meetings and try to take it over and it's on the rise as more people use the app to stay in touch during the coronavirus restrictions.

Don't share personal stuff like your phonewhere you go to school, or where you live. Even then, tell your parents, take them or another responsible adult with you and always meet in a public place. You can also contact Childline on for free at any time.

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Safty keep your Zoom chat safe make sure the meeting link is private and password protected and only share these details with your friends. They might be: Your dad, mum or carer.

How do I keep my children safe online? What the security experts tell their kids | Children's tech | The Guardian

You won't be in trouble and they will be able to rook. More like this. Be really careful with any photos or videos you share, particularly if they are a bit embarrassing.