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Gay message boards

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Gay message boards

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But why six fansites can be listed on the mainand one is removed every time it pops up You have many people backing up the allegations in this discussion. Another participant agrees: At a minimum, STDs are an occupational hazard for pig sluts like us. Ventuneac, J.

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London: Routledge, pp. Pigpen is different from other Web sites, such as barebackrt.

Gay message boards

It probably shouldn't be linked from the Wiki. Additionally, bareback Web sites portray sexual risk-taking as desirable because it is something that masculine men do Dowsett, et al. Cambridge, Mass. Miklos Szabo9 July UTC Blu's remarks earlier clearly reproduced this line: By submitting this application you agree that you share this same philosophy, are sincere in your desire to participate in our community and are at least 18 years of age.

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The analyses show that becoming a sex pig entails the eroticization of endless exchange of semen, particularly those infected with HIV and other STIs. Riggs and published by Lexington Books.

Till then you're just un-informed. Veniegas, P.

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Can we not survive in this world without reading slash fiction and viewing photoshopped pornography? Indeed, while some participants in Pigpen render the evasion of safer sex measures as pleasurable and productive of feelings of freedom, others consider safer sex measures as normative and respectable.

Dean, Some even conjectured that barebacking emerged as a direct result of HAART ostensibly responsible for the widespread idea among gay and other MSM that the epidemic was over e. Would you care to have me post the most recent remarks?


I still am not convinced that the link should be removed. Shoptaw, Yet, some sex pigs push limitless sex further by going beyond the category of bugchaser by also desiring other STIs in addition to HIV, suggesting boaards some sex pigs are also STI chasers. Pushing boundaries of normative sexuality is one of the main themes in the discussions on Pigpen.

Though Vay does not provide any further details as to why pig sex is productive of freedom, it is arguable that these feelings are intertwined with and enabled by safer sex discourses. Clay's article is not about his crazy fans on either side of this issue.

Walther, Thus, taking greater sexual risks is not rendered dangerous but pleasurable because barebacking is seen as being fearless and it is what men do. NPOV me arse.

Gay message boards

If it has been mentioned about you, doesn't it make it fair game to exploit and continue to state in publicthat is what you are allowing for Clay. But based on your descriptions of the site, which I have no real reason to doubt, and which messagee come from a different perspective than most of the "Claymates" have, I'd have to agree with you.

After downloading, the data were transferred to Nvivo version 10 to manage and code all discussion thre. Not on your life, but if you try then you will see that it exists.

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For example, writing about the influence of the Internet in the proliferation of barebacking discourses and practices, Ashford considers how members in online gau construct spaces for discussing sexual risks and practices leading to the emergence of barebacking subcultures [ 3 ]. The Guidelines reiterate that the forums are specifically made by gay men for gay men. This means that Pigpen is more popular and offers richer data for analysis.

It states that while there are heterosexual and bisexual men who are visitors and members of the forums, some may not be interested in discussing heterosexual sex or sharing images or videos of women. Kristeva, It sounds like it takes more messgae a little effort to get to the areas you dislike.

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Jack Rather than fearing and avoiding HIV infected men and their semen, Jack appears to mezsage them to be particularly desirable. I have a copy of those questions and will post them when I find it.

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Translated by L. Hess, and P. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. I am no limits and love being fucked and loaded.

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Burrell, H. Dowsett, H. Witzel,